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Soul Sex

February 16, 2012

The more in Alignment we are with our Soul, the more Sacred our sexual connections become. As we become Conscious, Open Hearted & Totally Present in our Lovemaking, we begin to experience Orgasmic Activation in every cell of our Being. Soul Sex allows us to Merge in Oneness with our Lover, and ultimately with the Universe.

Soul Sex was banned four times on facebook for posting `pornographic material’. I sent them the following message, but never received a reply.

Hello facebook,

My page Soul Sex is about bringing sacredness back to sex. I don’t understand why I was banned again when my newsfeed is full of photos way more ‘violating’ then the ones I post on this page. Could you please elucidate me of why this page seems to be encountering this issue. Thank you.

Kind regards, Sidonie Bouchet

A week later my account was totally disabled, including my personal account and my other page Sole to Soul. When I asked for an explanation of why my account was closed, they requested a copy of my passport. Good bye facebook.

Claimed by a man who completely honours me
I remember my inherent worth.

~ Sidonie Bouchet, January 30, 2012

This is what some of the over 5,200 Soul Sex followers said:

Love this page…thank you ♥

Love this site!! Thank you for spreading one love.

I just discovered your page…very very inspiring… Thank you very much!

namaste…thank you for sharing this light.

Thankyou for sharing these beautiful and meaningful insights. I have only just found your page and find it life affirming and inspiring. Namaste x

Beautiful and very inspiring page. I share from it on our page, Aphrodite love suite, a luxurious love suite for lovers. We are holy humanity, holy lovers. Thank you.

visting this page once a day, makes my day. thank you for being!

oh friend – you made me look at the page….so glad i did……

it really is so beautiful, isn’t it. i seem to need this page at least once a day… to remind me in the middle of it all…

Awesome site..pleased i found it..wonderful…♥♥

Wonderful Beautiful Sister xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxooooooooXXX

Beautiful page! Namaste ♥

This is a wonderful site. Thank you for creating and sharing.

This is a nice page. 🙂

A woman is like a butterfly….
If you want her to stay near you, but fly as she should,
you must not brush the dust off her magical wings,
nor control her essence in your hand…
her beauty will be held only by a stillness and purity of heart.

~ Paulette Marsh

Mmmmmmmm… much authentic, juicy loveliness abounds here I see~
Grateful that I found this space of Truth that is aligned with my own adoration of the Goddess and reverence of the Divine masculine ♥

Thank you so much for the wonderful collection of paintings and quotes… such joy reading.

WOW – just found you and love it – this is the magick of being human – having a relationship with ourselves and being with our twin flame !!! xxxxLynda

posted u on Earth heart xxxx

It is an Honor to support a fellow Ancient Being:) a Master of Connection. Thru these expressions we also become better Brothers to One another… Thru sacred sex we are in connection w our Truth – which effects our truth Everywhere:-D Thanks such a beautiful page for all to see!

 Hello, i am a straight male in a female body.. That connects with primarily straight female energy in female bodies and An ascended master here to teach things like sacred sexuality. The reason i like this site is b/c there isnt any gender focus, there is a focus on the “Energies” of the “Divine Masculine and Feminine” a true sign of the Evolved perspective of this site. I Assure you My Love that a King of Kings did not take a female form for Nothing. BELIEVE ME, YOU ARE VERY WELL REPRESENTED AND MADE SPACE FOR AND RECOGNIZED AS A BEAUTIFUL EXPRESSION OF THE INFINITE WAYS TO EXPRESS THE MASCULINE AND FEMININE DANCE OF THE COSMOS.

Deep warm smiles and a ‘I am with you’ wink.

Your post about pornography has shaken me to my foundations. It is righteously true in every aspect. I will cherish these words and make them part of my journey. What comes next may be difficult.

 Love this page!

Nice to kno about Soul Sex…….wud like to more people join this………..

Its beautiful to find a community that shares the same passion and understanding of such a beautiful sacred thing which so many people disrespect. Thank you. Love and light to everyone ♥ ♥ ♥

This a gorgeous page you got here…


This page is the bomb!

The deep longing for a being-centered relationship, the aching for a passionately awakened partnership with our beloved, is our primary guide when it is openly felt & welcomed, providing incentive & inspiration for exploring places & patterns in ourselves that we otherwise would likely avoid or only superficially visit.

And it is into these places & patterns, these areas of darkness, pain, & heavy wounding, that we must go if we are to be truly ready for awakened monogamy. This is not some kind of romanticized shadow-work, but rather an odyssey that, asking everything of us, ripens us for a life big enough to include awakened monogamy.

~ Robert Augustus Masters

Some wonderful wisdom in here, lovely to see such communal respect to such a powerful part of our very existence. Much love ♥

Wonderful……Love this…… to me you see.

I adore this page, thank you for all that you share with us!

THANK you for putting this page together!! WOW!:)

Whoever you are.. you are a very amazing !

❥ Love ❥ & ☼ Light ☼ This sure brings a different perspectives on things, certainly enjoyable and I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the messages with the images!

Great page, great work! I hope they keep you around! ♥ You could also open a group and keep it closed for all members under 18 if Facebook users will make such an issue out of harmless images, with what many of us believe to be an important message. Sexuality is an important part of our soul and to discover how we connect to ourselves and others in such a way is a beautiful thing!

♥ Lots of ❥ Love ❥ & ☼ Light ☼ to Soul Sex

Thank you for your ❥ Love ❥ & ☼ Light ☼ Crystal Clear Comprehension. Sexuality is Life Force Energy. Love and Light in this area will heal the world. It is our frustration with settling for less than divine union that ultimately creates dissatisfaction, anger and violence.

WOW…Soul Sex you are amazing.

♥ Beautiful page…♥

Commitment to another is not a chain for better and worse.
Commitment is feeling your stuff, accountability, personal growth.
Commitment starts with the self first, and then is possible with another.

~ Sidonie Bouchet


just wanted to show my appreciation for you and what you share on this page. It is great to see FB being used in a way which can help and open up people more and more to the spiritual side of sexuality.

i love your format of having visually beautiful images with deep profound quotes. Please keep up your great work.


 Soul Sex, who ever you are, or are not… you are divine, inspirational,empowering…a medicine for the being. Gr attitude for your contribution of light, & conscious love. Blessing a thousand fold♥

wow!! so GLAD i found my way to your page…..THANK YOU for being a part of my journey and for SHARING AS YOU DO…. love it!♥

Beautiful page:)

No new updates..waiting for new updates..:-)

Hello everyone ! I just stumbled across this wonderful page !!! its just incredibly beautiful thank you – Sue from the UK x

Soul Sex love the site…!

This is such a delisious page! Thank you!

Great Page. Great Posts!

Love and Sex is more than just lust and attraction…
Thanks for creating and sharing such great thoughts which creates necessary awareness!

Great Work, Keep it up!

Soul Sex….this is one that people need to really focus on. Thank-you…..

I consider this your page
as a very
to nowadays
about humanities
most threatened

Thank you so much
for your effort

Be God with all of us
who hold on
to the
Power of Spiritual Love

please update daily i suggested your page for my page fan

Sensual and beautiful!! How sad that we have become such slaves to the flesh that we have lost touch with our souls during this beautiful fullfilling bodily act of giving love!

So refreshing to see a page like this. Mad love to everyone involved ♥

BEAUTIFUL,….thankyou xoxo

Love this page ♥

The G-Spot is one of those very places that can be easily awakened and sensation increased and further activated by actually creating neural pathways from the brain through touch arousal. Once those neural pathways are created, she has a stronger and more powerful connection to that part of her body and….more pleasure for both of you!

~ Tallulah Sulis

~*~ love your page ~*~ ♥ ♥ ♥

love it

Great page !!! Namastè ♥♥♥

What a great page. Thank you for sharing all the photos and quotes.

Yes, i just found you today, and i am drinking in all the wonderful inspiration of images & wise words. Thank you for filling me up, i look forward to more. Much love, txo

Hello to the wonderful beings who created this group!

Thank you for the kind and warm welcome…!! ♥

Thank you for appearing when I most needed a lift above the world ~ L O V E is My Constant ~ Sat Chit Ananda ofLove

Thank you Soul Sex – I love all your pictures and quotes. Very inspiring! I share many 🙂 xx

I REALLY do LoVe this page!!! Thank you for sharing the soul and LoVe!!!

♥ cute page ♥

I absolutely love this page ♥

I LOVE your page ♥

ALWAYS in support of your page! Great point…now what exactly is that? LOL ♥

I think your page is amazing and really enjoy it immensely. I have also got quite

a few of my friends talking about it. ♥

yeah, totally a luscious page, SS. thanks for being. ;o)

Since I just discovered your page recently thru a recommendation of a friend, I have found your information informative, poetic, inspirational and thought provoking. I look forward to see what you posted.


Our souls come to a point of no longer being satisfied with the emptiness of casual sex, and require fulfilling authentic connections.
You may be drawn to variety for a time, until you recognise what truly resonates with you. It is then that you will want more than to please the ego with mere distraction.
For some it is an inner knowing, for others it takes many experiences. But ultimately our deepest desire is for complete union of the feminine and masculine.

~ Sidonie Bouchet

Images may be subject to copyright.
Sidonie Bouchet @ copyright 2012. All rights reserved.

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  1. Troy G permalink

    Hello soletosoulsex!

    Lovely to see that you’ve made a blog out of your facebook pages.. Your words inspire me to feel deeper into sex, life, love and everything 🙂 Thank you.

  2. So,soulsex wont b on facebook anymre.i really want your address on facebook

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